Devineau’s workshop is home to a global know-how where its design office together with carpenters, metalworkers, upholsterers, painters, sculptors, work closely from the conception to the building of sets.

Thanks to challenging projects and technical innovations, our teams are continuously strengthening their skills.

Working with composite materials, machinery, CNC machine tools, large-format printing, is part of our daily work.

From simple to more complex projects, we take great care of enhancing set designers, decorators and agencies requirements, with intuitivity and accuracy.

Design Office

From the modelling to the assembly, in France or abroad, the workshop takes on your project. We deal with the conception, technical design, manufacturing follow-up as well as, the design notes, kinematics and motorization studies, the packaging and shipping management of a set, when required.


We work on all types of constructions, struts, complex wooden frameworks, furniture, solid wood and panels’ work. The workshop is fully equipped with machinery, fix and portable, as well as a space dedicated to digital machining, with two CNC machines (featuring 3 to 5 axis). In addition to the machinery is a 2000 square meters space, for production and assembly, shared by carpenters and metal workers.

Metal Work

From the simplest to the more complex we build metal structures and frameworks, metal work for sets, made of steel as well as aluminium. We implement machinery, produce furniture and props.


We carry out all fitting and furnishing tapestry work (including upholstery), we make backdrops and cycloramas, in fabric and PVC. We manage the installation of very large cycloramas; make all types of sewing jobs, cladding and sheathing of frames, production of furniture and leatherwork.


All sized sculptures, in polystyrene, by shaping various materials, direct carving, ornamentation, modelling.


Impression taking, moulding, edition in small and medium series, thermoforming, working with resins, epoxy lamination as well as production and implementation of structural composite panels on vacuum tables.


Our workshop offers an area of 1000 square metres dedicated to paint work, with an additional 1100 square meters for multipurpose activities, as well as two painting booths for the use of paint sprayers. Our ‘working’ surface provides ideal conditions to put together anything expected from a scenery workshop, including very large size painted canvasses, paint and patinas…

Graphic Design

We provide consultancy work, support and management for all printing projects. We make digital as well as painted graphic files. Together with our partner Big Image Systems, we also offer unique large-format printing options.