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Thanks to a long-term investment in research and development,

Big Image has elaborated unique techniques in the printing industry, with very large-format printing : double sided printing, up to 12 meters in width, with no seams, and a day-to-night effect.
Those technics allied with traditional backdrops painting (cotton fabric and water base ink) opens up to new options for painters and set designers.

A long-distance partnership together

with a strong knowledge of the show and event industry, that enable us to manage any artistic project from A to Z.


Control and corrections of files
Consultancy on materials
Samples making
Creation of files from model
Made to scale sample’s painting or design
Adjustment of prints in painting
All types of manufacturing

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Sustainable processes

Carbon free production, certification ISO 14001, water base ink, natural printing material

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Printing up to 12 meters in width with no seams

Chanel fashion show, 320 lengh meters printed on 12 height meters

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Day to Night printing

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Translight Magic printing

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Choice of materials and technical management of digital files


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Printing and adjustments in the workshop

Painting and specific confection

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Well-adapted logistics.