Our workshop offers an area of 1000 square metres dedicated to paint work, with an additional 1100 square meters for multipurpose activities, as well as two painting booths for the use of paint sprayers. Our ‘working’ surface provides ideal conditions to put together anything expected from a scenery workshop, including very large size painted canvasses, paint and patinas…

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Atelier Devineau - IMG_2233.jpg
Atelier Devineau - 2008-03 - FALSTAFF - atelier5.jpg
Atelier Devineau - IMG_0002.jpg
Atelier Devineau - 2005-08 - PLATONOV17.jpg
Atelier Devineau - IMG_07212-1200x900.jpg
Atelier Devineau - 2016-09 - LE DUC DE GOTHLAND - atelier19.jpg
Atelier Devineau - Capture d’écran 2020-04-29 à 09.21.45.jpg
Atelier Devineau - Capture d’écran 2020-04-29 à 09.21.55.jpg